Off-grid Solar Systems

Off-grid Solar Systems

What is a Off-grid Solar Systems?

Off-grid solar systems are used when there is no access to utility power and/or the client wishes not to be part of the utility power grid any longer. Off-grid solar solutions are generally more expensive due to the fact that there is no longer a backup from the utility grid, and the sole power supply is that of the client’s solar system.

How can I "go off-gird" with solar energy?

Solar energy is a highly effective way of getting off of the utility grid. there are a few deciding factors when it comes to “going off the grid.” 

  1. Budget is always a deciding factor as going off-grid costs a lot more than it would if you just wanted to save 80% of your electric bill and still not be affected by load shedding.
  2. Location: If you are between mountains and your house is not receiving enough sunlight, this will present challenges.
  3. Storage: going off-grid means that you will need a lot of provisional stored electricity. It is recommended to have at least four days worth of household electricity on hand at all times. The batteries have to be stored in a cool, dry environment that has little to no dust. You will also have to have more exposed roof space to accommodate more panels to take advantage of the days when the sun is shining and harness UV rays when it is overcast.

Who is it best suited for:

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