Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid Solar Systems

What is a hybrid solar system?

Hybrid Solar Systems are the most intelligent systems on the market since you can set the bias on your inverter. This means that you are able to set up the inverter to utilise electricity generated from the panels before using the grid power. A Hybrid Solar System is able to take electricity from solar panels, the grid and batteries. It is also able to push back into the grid.

Why invest in a battery storage system?

Battery storage allows you to store electricity generated by solar panels during the day for use later, like at night when the sun has stopped shining. You will therefore be able to save money on your electricity bill and avoid using electricity from the utility grid even when your solar panels are not actively producing energy. 

A Battery Storage System Can:

Help reduce your reliance on electricity from the grid Maximise the energy from your solar panels by allowing you to capture the solar energy that would normally be sent to the grid and save it for your own usage later in the day Offset the increased cost of power used during peak times, such as during the evening Save money by storing energy from the grid overnight when prices are low to use during peak times when prices are high (depending on your power agreement) Provide electricity to your home during power outages (depending on your system) Reduce your exposure to future electricity price rises.

a Hybrid Solar System is best suited for:

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